Our Services

commercial shipping

Our commercial freight services are designed with great care to ensure that all shipping and delivery needs are met, as we offer a full range of state-of-the-art logistics solutions, from processing and packaging to inventory management and follow-up. digital technologies,


A full range of warehousing solutions that ensure that you meet all your company’s warehousing requirements, as we take care of all warehousing-related procedures, from inventory management to distribution, on your behalf. All the warehousing services that we provide are based on the latest technologies and technological tools.

Paper mail

A service provided by Vanex to individuals, institutions, and official bodies by transferring and delivering messages, documents, or documents in a safe, speedy, and absolute confidentiality, where the shipment is delivered to the addressee personally with high accuracy, with a tracking number, so that the shipment is followed up and inquired about until it is delivered to the addressee.


Shipping personnel

نوفر لك نقل األغراض الخاصة وغير التجارية ونتولها بعناية فائقة، مع إمكانية االستفادة من خدمة التغليف.

Picking up shipments

We provide receiving shipments from the customer’s place or delivering refunds and financial settlements to complete tasks daily within the cities of Tripoli and Benghazi

Shipment packaging

We provide packaging supplies to keep the shipment in its specifications and quality